Protect What is Important

Dear Mr. Tatsumi,

Let us first congratulate you on the huge success in the Pokemon Go launch. We are sure this experience that brings “augmented reality” closer to millions of people will entail lots of new opportunities and new uses of technology. Hopefully it will be a factor in progress and development.

However, the purpose of this open letter is no other than transmiting the Pokemons Free Zone empowerment need. We would like to share our concern about the lack of protection in certain areas of the Planet, for example, in the UNESCO world heritage sites, but also in the other “humanity’s heritage“ sites formed by common hospitals, schools, temples or security facilities.

It seems very likely that you, Mr. Tatsumi, also feel that “something is going wrong here” when people can be seen playing Pokemon Go in a nuclear installation, or in a refugee camp, or even in a cementery or in a nearby access ramp to the emergency hospital. And that is truth. Something indeed is going wrong here when we start to loose the sense of what is important. When we are unable to provide the extra care that these places deserve.

In we are aware that most of the players are doing so appropriately, even though not all of them might be playing in a mature way, with respect towards the people and the places they bump into. We are also aware that all of them are playing a game designed to be played in a determinate way. Hence we think that Nintendo can and should improve the game by protecting the no-players experience. That is why would like to strongly encourage you to go one step further by exercising your responsibility and limiting certain real world areas for a more responsible game.

We are promoting this action to try to protect some places we consider ´sacred´. These can be emblematic sites protected and worshiped for generations, during hundreds or even thousands of years. Places like Taj Mahal Palace, The Iguazu Falls or Petra, but they can also be more utilitarian ´sacred´ sites in a sanitary, education or safety level.

The platform takes it to the streets to collect signatures requesting Nintendo to improve the game and safeguard what is important, which again it would be:

  • Empowering Pokemons Free Zones, especially in public and private places with a humanitarian, social, sanitary, religious, safety, strategic or artistic sensitivity.

  • Declaring Pokemons Free Zone all the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

  • Offering a form with an automatic and guaranteed response to every company, institution, monument, entity or establishment who request to become Pokemons Free Zone.

For the time being, the platform has set up a website where any entity with a psysical location can opt out of sheltering Pokemons inside its own facilities. We will provide you, case-by-case, request-by-request, each and every enquire we receive. We woud be grateful if you could kindly create these Pokemons Free Zones, especially, before some irreparable incident happens in those areas of special sensitivity.

We are all certain of number of hours that you must have allocated to the development of this game, we are all certain of the investment and the risk you have probably taken but we do believe that the time has come for taking the cheapest but maybe not the easiest decision: the game rules adjustment will improve the product, the players and no-players experience and finally, will complete the tremendous success of Pokemon Go game launch.

Mr. Tatsumi, please, do not let any government to do this job: the process will be too slow and will cost a lot of taxpayers’ money.

We ask you to do everything you can to avoid any harsh campaign. Please, just make it happen. Each one should make his own decisions about sheltering or not sheltering Pokemons inside their own facilities.

It is certain, Mr. Tatsumi, that your name will go down in history of business management. How would you like your name to be remembered? We, the ones who sign this pledge, would rather your name in history be of that achieved great business success, always in a sustainable and respectful manner.

We will be in touch soon,
Yours faithfully,